Best of the Italian Christmas music

Even if you are the Grinch personally, you can not deny anymore that Christmas is around the corner. Therefore I went hunting for the best of the Italian Christmas music. Oh yes, Christmas is here, it is on the shelves of the shops, among the crowd and it is on air on the radio. You won’t hear anything else, but Mariah Carey and All I want for Christmas is you, Kevin is on TV. If you are willing to have Italianish music background for the celebrations, listen to me.

Obviously all big Christmas classics have its Italian version, but we are also very proud of our own products. On the below list you will find both , so If you are bored of Wham, you’d better listen to some Pavarotti or Ramazzotti. My personal favourite is the first song that is everywhere all around us in the whole country since it is the music of a panettone ad on TV.

So, here you have the best Italian Christmas music, I wish you all the best for these holidays with lots of struffolis, torrone and love!

The absolte favourite::

A singer like Eros cannot afford having a career without at least one Christmas song

Who could resist this voice?

Biagio Antonacci is normally known for his ballads, but now there’s Christmas also in his heart.

Jovanotti and Luca Carboni sing something very familiar.:

Recognize this? Silent night in Italian.

Subsonica is one of our fav groups, not specially for Xmas mood, but for the electric boogie.

I prefer Raffaella Carrá when she is singing and dancing in disco style.

No list can be made without Andrea Bocelli.

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