Clooney in love with pecorino sardo

George Clooney, one of Hollywood’s sexiest icons is now into something new. He has already tested himself as a businessman when founding the Casamigos tequila company in 2013 together with two of his friends. Casamigos became so important that it was purchased by Diageo in 2017 for 700 million US dolars.

Well, now Clooney seems to be interested in something to eat as he apparently fell in love with pecorino sardo, this Italian uncooked hard cheese made of sheep milk produced in the island of Sardinia. He tasted this cheese first from the local Peppino Fadda’s stand. The cheesemaker, Peppino is selling his products near San Teodoro and uses an old van to move around. This could be changed soon since Clooney has brought 100 entire pecorino cheeses and shipped them to the Los Angeles to have them tasted by friends and potential future customers so Signor Fadda should prepare for hard work and a lot of money in the future if the business goes smooth. He already experienced how generous the actor can be when he got a 380 euro tip in the occasion of the first purchase.

His Majesty, the pecorino sardo

Rumours say that Clooney is so fond of this typical Sardinian pecorino that he normally eats a huge bite of it in the end of his meals. Sardinian delicacies and beauties are not nw to Clooney, he was engaged for quite a while to beautiful Sardinian actress Elisabetta Canalis .

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