Bored of Capri? Go to Ponza!

Ponza is one of the most beautiful islands of the whole Mediterranian area. It is situated at 50 kms from the coats of Lazio, in the baz of Gaeta and together with its five “colleagues” – Gavi, Palmarola, Zannone, Ventotene and Santo Stefano – form the archipelago of the Pontine islands. Its stunning beauty was appreciated already by the ancient Romans. In recent times, during the black period of Italians fascism, opponents of Mussolini were isolated here. Today it is popular amongh travellers. With a surface of not even 10 km² and a population of 3000 it is small village in the middle of the sea.

You can get to Ponza by taking either a ferry or a hydrofoil fro the ports of Formia, AnzioTerracina, San Felice Circeo and Naples that will allow you to have a comfortable day trip on the island. The best port of departure and especially of arrival is Formia, taking the boat from here will let you have most time in Ponza.

Its 40 km long coast is mostly rocky, you will find plenty of small bays reachable only by sea. Ponza szigetén azonban nem csupán a tengerben érdemes gyönyörködni. Látogassátok meg a római kori nekropoliszt, a két császéri villa maradványait, a római kori víztározókat, melyek közül a legfontosabb, a Cisterna della Dragonara Ponza óvárosában található.

What not to miss?

Lo scoglio della tartaruga: literally the rock of the turtle getting this name for its similarity to the animal. It can be reached by an easy path on foot from the chucrh of La Forna.

Natural pools: not tto far from the rock of the turtle, you can reach three of these wonderful natural pools by a short walk. Paradise on Earth, but obviously if you do not arrive on time you might find a mass of people already bathing there. No worries however, the surroundings are almost worth a visit.

The caves of Pilate (Grotte di Pilato): an artifical system of tunnels and caves built by the Romands in order to to raise morray eels.

Bagno vecchio: found in the Eastern part of the island and this is where you can see the ancient Roman necropolis facing directly o of Ponza’s most gorgeous beaches, La Parata. Unfortunately the necropolis has been seriously damaged by crolls during its history and the beach can be reached only by boat.

Trekking: another super programme when in Ponza is trekking (well,of course not during hot August days). The most popular routes will drive you to Punta del Fieno or to Punta incenso. This lattest will surprise you in the end with tasting of the local wines.

Ponza can be a valid alternative to other Italian island overwhelmed bz mass-tourism like Capri or Ischia especially if you are on holidays near Rome.

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