Nutella Café opening in New York

Rumours  spread a couple of days ago about a possible opening of a Nutella branded caffé in New York City has been confirmed by Ferrero.  The shop will open  before the end of this year in Union Square, one of the most important squares of the city.

Nutella Café, Chicago

The New York Post has interviewed Rick Fossali, Vice President of Operations at Nutella Café who told that the incedible success theí achieved in Chicago has pushed them to open at other locations, too so that they can spread the versatility and uniqueness of their product.  New York is giving the opportunity for Ferrero to offer new possibilities for tasting Nutella, reaching also the millions of tourists arriving at the Big Apple.

Incredibly, there will also be salty food, like also in the Nutella Café of Chicago. visitors will have the chance to taste panino with ham, cheese and egg or omlette with bacon, onions and cheese.

As per the drinks you can have with your meal, the “Milk and Nutella” is an absolute favourite.


Just a couple of months and you can have all of this whenever in New York City.


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