1st May concert in Rome

The concert of the 1st of May that is simply called by the name il Concerto del Primo Maggio by the Italians , is organized every year since 1990 as part of the celebrations of Labour day. The venue traditionally takes place in Piazza San Giovanni in Laterano in Rome, in front of the Cathedral and it is organized by Italy’s three most important trade unions: CGIL, CISL and UIL. The concert is going on from early afternoon until lat night. There are also other 1st of May concerts across the country, like in Naples, Taranto and Pescara, but the one in Rome is undoubtfully the most significant.

Taking part at least once in the 1st of May  concert is an almost obligatory step in the lives of Italians, also my  buddies from Turin have partecipated at least once in this huge jamboree. Best thing about it? It is totally free and normally there are hundreds of thousands of young Italians celebrating together. Last year the concert had half a million partecipants and the record was broke in 2006 with a million visitors.

What’s the line up of this year’s concert? Here you go: Gianna Nannini , Max Gazzè with the Orchestra Filarmonica Marchigiana, Sfera ebbasta, Cosmo, Le Vibrazioni, The Zen Circus, Maria Antonietta, Galeffi, Mirkoeilcane, Fatboy Slim, Carmen Consoli, Canova, Nitro, Calibro 35, Dardust ft. joan thiele, Frah quintale, Wrongonyou, Willie peyote, Lo Stato Sociale, Ministri, Francesca Michielin, Gemitaiz, Ultimo, John de Leo, Achille Lauro e Boss Doms, Gazzelle, and so on.

The concert is transmitted live on RAiTre and also on Radio2 from 3 P.M, so stay tuned!

In case you are in Rome on the 1st of May and you are not afraid of the mass, don’t hesitate, go to the sqauer and do as the Romans do. In case you do not wish to pogo with the locals and try to get around the city for visiting, bear in mind that most of the autobuses passing near the concert location will have their routes modified and that the Metro won’t stop at San Giovanni, you will need to use the nearby stations of Manzoni or Vittorio Emanuele.

And if you are willing to do something completely different, go and visit Rome’s less known gems!

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