Top 10 of Italy’s best natural hot springs

Did you know that Italy – besides its incredible cultural heritage- is also rich of beautil hot springs? When you are near one of them, it is almost compulsory to spend some time at these natural spas for free? Yes, you read it right, and here you go, ten of the best Italian places where to have a wellness treatment enjoying also the fascinating landscape. What you’re waiting for?

  1. Le cascate del Molino, Saturnia Terme (the waterfalls of the mill, Saturnia Terme, Tuscany)

2.Terme di Fordongianus (Sardinia)

3.Bagni di San Filippo (Tuscany)

4.Bormio (Lombardy)

5.Piscine Carletti (Lazio)

6.Baia di Sorgeto (Ischia, Campania)

7.Terme di Viterbo (Lazio)

8.Terme della grotta delle ninfee (the cave of the waterlilies, Cerchiara Calabra, Calabria)

9.Polle del Crimiso (Sicily)

10. Vulcano (Sicily)


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