World’s best pizza is going to Rome

We have already talked about pizza a couple of times since you can not live your life in Italy and do not have pizza at least once a week.  I have already mentioned that the world’s best pizza is rumuored to be made at the Antica Pizzeria da Michele in Naples since 1870.
Da Michele has already opened restaurants outside Naples lately, and has one in Rome in Via Flaminia , but now they opened the second one in the Italian capital, just a stone’s throw away from the Trevi fountain. The new pizzeria has places for about a hundred customers and pizzaiolos are making this divine food practically in the windows therefore you can stop by while strolling in the city center watching their expert work.
The pizzeria is waiting for its guest at Via dei Lucchesi 28.
While in the original Neapolitan pizzeria you can only chose between marinara and margherita pizzas, the menu is richer is Rome, you can have starters or fried pizza as well. Well, they need to satisfy locals and the mass of tourists coming to see the Colosseum. You can check the menu on the website of the Roman Da Michele.

Michele , by the way , has already crossed the country’s borders and is waiting for pizza gourmets in London, Fukuoka in Japan and in Barcelona.

If you do not happen to be in Rome or Naples, don’t worry, Italy is full of super pizzerias, here is the list of the country’s best for 2018. And how did Julia Roberts have her margherita in the movie Eat, pray and love in the riginal Da Michele? Like this:

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