What to do in Italy this weekend 24-25 March 2018

Weekend is getting close again, so you will face the usual question: what to do when in Italy?

The most important event is the FAI Spring days (Giornate FAI- Fondo Ambiente Italiano/The Italian National Trust).  This is a unique opportunity to discover hidden treasures throughout Italy. There will be more than a thousand places waiting for you withe  extraordinary opening and you will have the chance to take part in guided tours to these sites that are normally not accessible.

In case you are more into gastronomic fun, you can head to Lake Garda, where in the town of Saló the event “That’s Garda’ is organized where you can taste  wine, olive oil anbd other local products.

That’s Garda

Pisa is preparing for something particular this weekend. Those who are visiting this ancient tuscan city will have the opportunity to assist the celebrations of the New Year. Yes, no mistake, 2019 will start on 25th March in Pisa. The town had its own calendar until 1749 with New Year’s Day on 25th March, the day of the Annunciation according to the Christian  calendar. The town is going to be full of events: mediavel flea market from Friday to Sunday, historical processions with traditional costumes, music and flag-wavers.

The weekend will be about reading and books in Modena  as the 2018 edition of the Buk Festival will be held the end of this week. This is a venue for independent small and medium publishers with screenings, presentation of the books soon-to be-published, etc. the event is going to take place in the historic city center of Modena, in Piazza XX Settembre.

You won’t be missing books in Milan either and you can go and participate at the Book Pride where about 150 publishers will be represented. Free entry. You can take a look at the detailed programme here.

Vicenza will be a place for males this weekend as they can go and visit the Mondo Motori expo , where more than a thousand brands will be represented by the 200 exhibitors and it will be a fair of cars, mootrbikes and bicycles and everything thath is related to them from spare parts to clothing.

On 25th March you Rome is hosting an unusual, Japanese-themed flea market where about sixty exhibitors will  show us a complete Japanese panorama with manga, cosplay, tea ceremonies, ikebana presentations. Japanese drummers, origami artists won’t be missing either and visitors will also have the possibility to have Japanese calligraphy lessons.  Location: Via Biordo Michelotti 2.

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