Vatican Museums for free on the last Sunday of every month

Some of you probably already know that Italian statal museums can be visited free of charge on the first Sundays of every month, but most of you probably will not believe that also the Vatican Museums are quite generous sometimes.  And in fact, you have free entrance if you are visiting on the last Sunday of the months. The Vatican Museums have one of the world’s greatest collections of masterpieces (no wonder, it’s the collection of the Popes). Unfortunately the free entrance does not apply if you try to access at Easter  Sunday, 29th June ( Saint Peter and Paul) or at Christmas .


The entrance is between 9:00 and 12:00 and unfortunately the museums will close at 14:00 at these occasions.  The museums are normally closed on Sundays, only the last Sunday of the month is anexception. It is not possible to book a ticket in advance for these days, hence you should get in the queue early, take some hot cappuccino and warm cornetto and you can have breakfast while waiting. Seriously. It is obvious that you are not the only one trying to get in for free so in case you can arrive only after eight, do not even go, by this time you normally find a 1 km long queue.

You can easily reach the Vatican City by the metro line A, you just go to the Ottaviano station and then you only need to follow the walls of the Vatican and you will get to the entrance of the Museum.

Good news: in 2018 there will be a special – and free of charge – opening of the Museums also on 27th September, the international day of tourism.


You can find all the information that you need on the Vatican Museums here.



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