Spring in Merano is full of flowers

Merano , this charming town in Soth-Tyrol in Northern Italy is usually best-known for its spas and for the mountains up to almost 11.000 feet surrounding it. It is characterized by German-Italian bilinguism , it has the tidiness of the Austrian neighbours, but also the dolce vita of Italy. Ideal destination for spring breaks as when it comes to spring, the city is dressing up in flowers and it is really a delight for the eyes.

Especially the gardens of the Trauttmansdorff Castle are worth visiting as it offers an extraordinary venue for flower-lovers where more than eighty botanical ambients with plants coming from all over the world are inviting visitors. The castle has a spectacular view on the valley covered with a white carpet of flourishing apple trees (South-tyrol is the most important apple producer among the Italian regions).

Merano is famous forĀ  the good quality of life, you are going to meet the elegant architecture of the centre , original museums, restarurants offering alpine products influenced by the Mediterranian and the most important thing is: THE BATHS. I am a spa lover myself, and I am in love especially with the spas in mountains, hence this is just made for me.

The Merano Spring (Primavere Meranese) is a series of events organized by the city and involving the neigbouring villages of Scena, Tirolo and Naturno. You can take long strolls in the nature or participate at a gourmet-tour by bike. Between the 27 and 29 April the first edition of Merano Flower Festival will take place with flower installations and sculptures all over the city, concentrated in Piazza Terme. Obviously there will also be aflower market so viistors dropping by can buy flowers, plants, ornaments and accessories for the garden. Workshops and “Flower show cooking” won’t be missing, either.

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