Italy’s hidden treasures: Giaveno, Piedmont

At about 30 kms from Turin, Giaveno, this charming little town of the Sangone valley is a perfect destination if you are willing to leave the smog of the city behind. Well, yes, Giaveno¬† has so ancient roots that according to the legends narrate that Hannibal passed by the town when he crossed the Alps during the Second Punic war. Despite of this ancient history, the town got to be significant in the middle of the 20th century when during the Italian economic boom -and Turin in the firts place with the most important company of Italy:FIAT- Turin’s got so overcrowded that people started looking for houses outside the city. Crowds started to flee from Turin and settled down among the mountains of the Alps in this smiling town.

Giaveno’s historical city center with under the snow

Oh, yeah, the Alps, Giaveno is a typical alpine location, surrounded by mountains that reach up to more than 2000 meters and serve as background with their snow-covered tops until late spring. Mountains are so important in the life of Giaveno that Italian ski was actually born here in 1898.

What to do in Giaveno?

Have a stroll in the streets of the centro storico, the historic city center, enter some of the cute shops you find, have an aperitivo in the town’s piazza. Do not miss the church of the Nostra Signora di Lourdes, uilt in 1936 in neo-romanesque style with a reconstruction of the cave of Lourdes in the inside.

Santuario di Nostra Signora di Lourdes

Go trekking: there are several routes in the surrounding mountains with various level of difficulties. You will have some of the most stunning views of North-Western Italy!

View on the Sangone Valley

Take walks also in the plain countryside you can run into lonely churches, old mills, memories of Giaveno’s rural past.



Church of Villa, Giaveno

Have some chocolate made by world-famous master chocolatier Guido Castagna also awarded with International Chocolate awards. Guido Castagna has a workshop and an atelier in the town.


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