Italian town Zungoli is selling houses for 1 euro

In Italy selling houses for 1 euro has become quite a movement, lately. This is how “ghost towns” or  towns that are being afraid of becoming a ghost town soon try to get some new inhabitants. Here is the deal. The municipality will designate real estates that are in need of reconstruction for bid and people can purchase them at the symbolic price of one euro. The price of an Italian espresso.

Obviously customers will need to move here and reconstruct the homes respecting a deadline. So the ones applying for these houses for 1 euro will have t prove to the city council that they have enough money to have the necessary work done.

There are several towns that has sold or are selling houses for one Euro: Salemi, Regalbuto and Gangi in Sicily, Carrera Ligure in Piedmont, Lecce nei Marsi in Abruzzo, Montieri in Tuscany, Ollolai and Nulvi in Sardinia.

Castle of Zinguli

And now here is the latest news: Zungoli in Campania, province of Avellino has also decided to sell houses for 1 euro to revive the ageing population. Zungoli is at about an hour car drive from Avellino and situated at the border of Campani and Puglia regions. It is also one of the most beautiful villages of Italy (I borghi piú belli d’Italia). It is built at  about 600 meters above the level of the sea among green hilltops. This medieval town has a castle orignally built in the 11th century and reconstructed after a devastating earthsquake in the 15th century. Another important landmark is the 16th century – monastery . The old town itself is typical Italian with its narrow streets and houses built of stone.

So start daydreaming. Would you like to start your day with a cappuccino and cornetto   at the bar of Mario mingling with the locals? It is up to you.


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  1. Hi,
    I am interested to get large house for one euro in Zungoli. I am welling to renovate and live in the house.

    1. I am interested in buying a house I would like to choose it of course, I ll pay one Euro. and reconstruct it within 3 years . Please contact me

  2. I’m interested in buying a House as soon is possible, can you please send me information


    Aisha Vellatti

  3. Please provide me with a catalogue of what is available at the moment, and what may become available in the near future. Thanks.

  4. Good morning,
    My name is Nidal Dhailieh.
    I am Canadian Citizen living in Toronto Ontario. I am a contractor with Engineering background.
    I am looking for the opportunity to get a house in Zungoli to renovate and use it as my house.
    Please help me to get the house as soon as possible.
    Can you advice how I can access the list of available properties

    1. well, it is always better getting touch with the local municipalitz for further information, they will send you the list of the available properties and the conditions!

  5. Good Morning and happy Mothers’ Day

    I am interested in a small rebuildable house, my background is in residential construction and repairing houses.

    Would you please forward me any information so that I may plan a trip and perhaps buy a house and begin a new adventure.

    Thank you

    John Winkler

  6. I am interested in seeing a listing of properties for a possible home/ bed & breakfast to open if possible I am in the airline industry & would be able to come view properties if you have any that might fit that criteria if you could send me some listings to look at that would be appreciated

  7. HI,

    I think this is my dream come true! I always wanted to move to Italy, and my husband and I are really interested I on a property to remodel and decorate so beautiful and live there for the rest of our lives.

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