Fast track from Naples to Sorrento: Campania Express

Naples , Italy’s third biggest city is full of tourist spots itself, but once you have had enough of Castel dell’Ovo , the Galleria or Piazza del Plebiscito it is more than normal that you wish to take a look around in the surrounding locations.  The most important must-see places- like the archeological sites of Pompeii or Herculaneum-  are along the way from Naples to Sorrento.  Until now the best option for getting to these sites from the Neapolitan city center – if you did not want to take the risk of being ripped off by a taxi driver -was taking the so called Circumvesuviana railway, a local train going from Naples to Sorrento. However, Circumvesuviana is famous for being almost overcrowded and full of pickpockets.

From today on, until 14th October there is another, faster and more comfortable train serving locals and tourists: the Campania Express. You can take Campania express at the main railway station of Naples and it will bring you to the Sorrento peninsula in less then an hour and will stop by the Pompeii and Herculaneum.  There will be eight expresses circulating every day with air condition ( almost luxury). You can purchase the tickets online and will have a guaranteed seat.  One way tickets between Naples and Sorrento will cost 8 euro and two way tickets will cost 15 euro.  You will find all the necessary information about prices and timetables here, and you can also get your tickets by a few clicks.

So there’s nothing left to say, enjoy your ride and taste that world famous limoncello of Sorrento!

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