Italy’s geography for beginners

Well, yes, of course we all know that Italy has the shape of a sexy female boot and that the capital is Rome, but is this enough? Let’s see what Italian schoolkids have to learn when it is about the basics of their homeland.

The little Giovanni, Giulia or Giorgia obviously will need to learn the most extreme points of the Belpaese (beautiful country as Italians address their homeland).

The northernmost town, not too surprisingly is situated in the region of Trentino-Alto Adige (South Tyrol)  and it is called Predoi. Predoi is at 1475 meters above the sea level and once it used to live of copper mining.Once this business ended, local women went to Vienna to learn the art of making laces and this tradition is still alive.

The tourist paradise of the island of Lampedusa is Italy’s southernmost point.It is closer to Africa than to Europe, in fact the closest landfall is Tunisia (113 kms) and the Sicilian coasts are at 205 kms. The beauty of the island is indisputable, it attracts tons of tourists every year. The famous Spiaggia dei Conigli (Beach of Rabbits)  is  is one of the last remaining egg-laying sites in Italy for the Loggerhead Sea Turtle,an one of the endangered species of the Mediterranian and is officially Italy’s most beautiful beach.

Changing our direction from South to East: the inhabitants of the Apulian town of Otranto are the first ones to see the rising sun. More precisely: the lighthouseof Punta Palascìa, at approximately 5 kilometres  southeast of Otranto, marks the most easterly point of the Italian mainland. This is where the Adriatic sea connects with the Ionian sea. Otranto itself is a percet holiday destination with beautiful sandy beaches outside the town, and less sandy city beaches near the charming old town.

The westernmost point of Italy is in Piedmont , it is the comune of Bardonecchia at the Italian-French border. This world famous ski resort that also hosted some of the games during the Turin Winter Olympics in 2006.

I hope that you have learned something new today. Are you ready for the test paper?


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