Week of Italian cuisine in the world: pizza and prosecco

Well, in my kitchen I am celebrating Italian cuisine every single day, but now I know that you are also going to do so next week.

It is the second time that the Italian government is organizing the second edtition of the week of the Italian cuisine in the world a series of about a thousand events in more than a hundred countries of the world promoting, celebrating and tasting Italian cuisine. Events are taking place from the 20th until the 26th of November.

Italian gastronomic culture is endless and we all love it, it is normal that an Italian even when sunbathing in a hamaca someweher in the Caribbean is missing the pasta cooked al dente combined with the perfect sauce.

The initiative will explore the popularity of Italian food and drink abroad, as evidence of the “Made in Italy” brand’s international success. The main goals of this year’s programmes are:

  • promoting quality vines (they are certainly a lot in Italy, you’d also better taste a good glass of chianti)
  • presenting Italian  PGI produscts (PGI stands for Protected Geographical Indications (PGIs) and is an EU system for the protection of local products)
  • advertising Italian gastronomic routes (eating pesto in Liguria, arancini in Sicily, let alone tasting vines in Tuscany)
  • supporting the two UNESCO world heritage candidates: the Neapolitan art of pizza making and the Prosecco hills of Valdobbiane.

If you love pizza, cannot live without prosciutto di Parma or won’t put other than parmiggiano reggiano on your pasta, you cannot miss the programmes of the week of the Italian cuisine. You will find detailed information of the events all over the world on the website of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 



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