Getting old happily like an Italian

When we have people visiting coming from outside of Italy, thy often get surprised by strange Itallian habits like drinkink cappucino only and exclusively in the morning,or havea sweet breakfast. And almost all of them mention how cool is it that people in their sixties, seventies and eighteies ar eall around. I mean you see them socializing, going out, havingh a laugh in the piazza whatsoever. And it’s true. Whenever you go and eat out  you will certainly see a huge table in the restaurant where a family is celebrating a birthday or baptism, whatever and the great grandmother is having her pizza next to the baby boy. Also the grandmothers and grandfathers have social life, they go out to dance, meet friends and have dinner out with the family. They live.

This is especially true in smaller towns or villages where grannies start their days by taking a walk, going to the market or to the grocer’s stopping by at the piazza and have a chat with fellow oldies about the new constructions or the rain. They sit on a bench, look at the traffic and relax. In these smaller places you will oftehn find generations linving together under the same roof, or at least in houses close to each other, so there is always a child to take care of, let it be the grandson or the kid of the neighbour.

And generally, people dropping by to have a coffee is as much part of Italian life as eating pasta as first course, so granny will certainly have people over a couple of times a week.

There are also  places specialized in entertaining oldies, there are ballrooms that open Saturday or Sunday early afternoon and wait for grandparents ho have a dance. They also like to travel. Our Italian grandma has just got back from a spa tour in the beautiful island of Ischia where she went together with fellow grannies. There are tour operators moving the old organizing trips based on their interests.

We all know that Italians live long and scientists explain this with the mediterranian diet with extra virgin olive oil, fresh fruits and vegetables,. It is certainly true, but I guess that you can explain this also with the fact that  Italians even in their eighties have plans for tomorrow, for the weekend,  they are scheduling pizzatas, balls and trips. so the secret of long life is not only in olove oil, but also in the ice cream that they have in good company.


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