What not to miss in Ischia

We have just walked Italian Daddy’s Grandma to he station so that she can take the high speed railway and get to Naples from Turin and from there to the island of Ischia, this little gem of the bay of Naples.
Ischia, this fairytale island has been almost unknown for tourists until 1951. They preferred the chic neighbpour, Capri and Ischia was just a simple island of fishermen.  But then, in 1950 the yacht of the Italian producer and editor, Angelo Rizzoli stopped by and he got so amused by the island’s genuine beaty that he decided to make transform it to a fancy holiday destination.
He built hotels, baths, football camps and also a hospital. He invited Italian and Hollywood celebrities, he advertised Ischia in all of his magazines and also set it as location in his movies. In not more than 10 years he made it to what he wanted: Ischia has become a must among VIPs. Liz Taylor, Richard Burton, Ava Gardner, Charlie Chaplin, the royal couple of Windsor are just a few of the personalities having spent their holidays here.
You can easily get to ISchia from Naples or from Pozzuoli by ferryboat that arrive either at Ischia Porto or Casamicciola.  For obvious reasons they are a lot more frequent during the summer. For timetable and ticket prices you should take a look at the websites of the companies: Caremar and Medmar  will also transport vehicles, while the boats ofAlilauro take only passengers. It will take about an hour to get to the island.
What not to miss when in Ischia?

The Aragonese Castle (Castello Aragonese)

When getting near the island, the silhouette of the Aragonese castle is a sign that there is not much left, we are almost there. The castle is the szmbol of the island, it is a fortification built on a mini island that is connected with the mainland by a bridge that has been rebuilt several times during the centuries. The fortess was built in 1440 and can be visited also by elevator. You will have a stunning view on the island and on the bay of Naples.

Thermal baths

Ischia’s thermal baths have already been used by ancient Romans (and they knew something about dolce vita and relax) .  while in the rest of the world. The island is full of spasand it is quite cool have a full immersion in a hot spa and jump ito the sea afterwards.

The bay of Sorgeto

234 steps will lead you to this fantastic little bay that is particularly amazing during cold seasons since there is hot water coming up and breaking through the soil and you will have the chance to take a bath in these natural pools. Try to get there as sooon as you can as you are not the only one willing to try it.
 La chiesa del Soccorso (Forio)
This tiny little church is one of the favourite themes of the photographers in the island, they love taking pictures of this white church built on the top of a promontory. The church was built here so that fishermen could easily recognize it and understand that they are about to get home.



Sant’Angel ois the fancy part of  Ischia, this is where celebrities sunbathe. Íou can oly get there on foot or by horribly expensive taxi.You can take the bus, as well, get to the terminus and then walk another 1 km. The view will compensate for everything: colourful houses, shops, terraces, cafés and restaurants.


Source of the Nymphs Nitrodi


The natural mineral water of the source is classified hypotherma sulphate. The therapeutic properties  have been recognized by the Ministry of Health. The water of the source will regulate diuresis, improve the functional capacity of the kidney, it heals ulcers and will make your skin smooth as silk.


Come on, you are on an island, get into the water or just lay on the beach and sunbathe!


Island or not, the most famous  dish of Ischia is not seafood but rabbit Ischia style.  The rabbit is made in a terracotta baking tin together with tomatoes, garlic, olive oil. Normally, the sauce will be the seasoning of the pasta you eat as first course.


Ischia was unfortunately hit by an earthquake in August 2017m you can read more about this here.

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