Pantheon: entrance to be charged form January

The Pantheon that is now one of the most fantastic monuments in Rome that can be visited free will probably charge tourists to pay the entrance fee from January. The square in front of the Pantheon is so much Roman that it couldn’t be more with its fountain, the obelisque, shops ans cafes. Lovely.


Minister of Cultural Heritage, Dario Franceschini announced the news at the inauguration of the new Caravaggio Institute. There is also a chance that entrance fee will be introduced earlier, during Christmas holidays (well, yeah, it’s high season).

The Pantheon is one of the most significant ancient monument in Rome and maybe in he whole world. It is believed that the current Pantheon was built during Hadrian’s time between 118-125 AD. The Pantheon, literally means all gods, it was originally dedicated to every gods in ancient Roman time , but in 609 it got Christianized and dedicated to  St. Mary and Martyrs. The Pantheon is not a simple church, though, it is also the mausoleum of personalities like Raphael the artist, King II. Victor Emmanuel (the firts king of the united Italian state).

The Pantheon is famous especially for its particular dome as you could place a perfect 43.3 m diameter sphere underneath of it. The 9 meter diameter circle in the middle of the dome, the so-called oculus is the main source of natural light.

Now the Ministry is waiting for the apporval of the vicariate as obviously the Pantheon is not only a monument, but also a functioning church and there are masses  held every week and at special events. And what happens in case of approval? We are going to pay 3 euros, but keep calm, it worths it all.

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