Ferrero to launch ice cream in 2018

Ferrero, the Italian chocolate manufacturer, world-famous for its products like nutella or kinder surprise has just made an important announcement. in 2018 it will enter the ice cream business in partnership with Unilever. The Kinder Ice Cream brand will be launched in France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Ferrero site, Alba, Italy

Ferrero will give the name and Unilever will produce the ice creams that you will find in cones, on sticks, in biscuits and in cups. Unilever now is the market leader in the sector of ice-creams as it owns the 21% of the world market with products like Algida and Magnum. Two years ago it also purchased the Italian premium ice cream brand, Grom.

Ferrero has been doing experiments in the field of frozen desserts, but has never put its products on the table. The Kinder ice creams will be manufactured according to severe standards in terms of quality and will have their own special ingredients. It will be a huge occasion and finally customers will have the chance to taste Kinder products also during hot summer days.




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