Flights stop between Fiumicino and Malpensa, take the train!

While air traffic has been in steady rise in Europe  for about a decade now after the birth of countless low-cost  airlines connecting the coninent’s most improbable airports with each other, there are routes that seem to lose the fight against the new competetor: the high-speed train.

This is just the situation in Italy where the air traffic on one of the most classic domestic routes connecting the biggest airports of Milan and Rome, Malpensa and Fiumicino  is about to come to an end. Milan and Italy are without any doubts Italy’s most important cities and while Milan is the capital  of finance and economics (and fashion, of course), Rome is the home of the government and burocreacy. Obviously , getting from one city to the other as fast as possible is crucial. For decades there was no contest and flights won the raxe. However this golden age of air traffic between the two cities has ended now. alitalia has already stopped its flights and now the last of the mohicans, Easyjet will also shut this route down. The last aircraft will take off on 27th October leaving the space for high-speed trains.

This is not surprising, at all since now you can get from Milan city center to Rome in 3 hours and you won’t have to lose time with security screening, boarding, waiting and especially getting to the airport. However, there still will be a flight between Milan Linate and Rome (Linate is Milan smaller airport closer to city center), but the future is insecure.

In case you want to take the train in Italy, check for prices and timetable on the site of the state railways, Trenitalia, or the private company, Italotrain.



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