Eurochocolate – Italy’s sweetest festival

In Italy in October and looking for things to do? Don’t miss Italy’s biggest and most famous chocolate festival the Eurochocolate in Perugia. Eurochocolate is organized for 24 years now and it hosts the biggest number of chocolate manufacturers, from huge brands like Perugina to small businesses.

Eurochocolate 2017 festival is held in Perugia from 13 to 22 October. Perugia, the capital of Umbria region is famous for its chocolate industry, no wonder that it welcomes about a million sweet-toothed visitors during the time of the event.

Eurochocolate will gice you the possibility to explore a whole world of chsocolate where you can not only buy and taste but also assist the making of pralines or chocolate bars and world famous chocolatiers will guide you to the secrets of the profession.

There is no entrance fee as the whole festival is rganized in the city center of the Umbrian capital, but you can purchase the so-called Chococard for 6 euro and this will give you the possibility to have a discount or receive funny chocolate-related gadgets.

This year the festival will also host the most important cocoa producers of the world: Peru, Cameroun, Ivory Coast,  São Tomé e Principe, Costa Rica, Mexico  and the Dominican Republic.

Since the Perugia-based confectionary, Perugina is turning 11 years this year they are going to celebrate it with a special stand, the Casa del cioccolato Perugina where visitors can take a look at the history and present of it, taste, make, lick and enjoy one of Ital’s finest chocolate. You certainly know their most important product, Baci Perugina : chocolate “kisses” filled with hazelnut and wrapped in a multilingual love note.

What are you waiting for? Start a preventing diest so that you can enjoy the chocolate heaven as much as you can!



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