The Nutella story : lick it!

Did you know that Nutella, world’s favourite hazelnut spread was born as a contingency solution to alleviate the effects of short cocoa supplies after the World War II?

Pietro Ferrero, a confectioner from the city of Alba, Piedmont , who was all there, figured out that even if cocoa supplies are about to finish, there is a huge amount of top quality hazelnuts produced in Piedmont and this could be exploited. Therefore Nutella was born to save money on chocolate.

So he started producing the so called Giandujot, a hazelnut table that could be sliced and eaten with a piece of bread. This idea appeared to be so popular and gained such an important market that as a result of this the Ferrero company was born on 14th May 1946. Ferrero is now the third biggest chocolate manufacturer in the world.   Nutella has come into the picture in 1964 and conquered the whole Europe until the end of the sixties and started its world tour in the 70’s. It got its current name when introduced to the English market.

Heaven (photo:Wilfredorrhm flickr)

Today Ferrero produces 350 000 tonnes of Nutella in 9 factories all over the worls and and  the production of Nutella uses one-quarter of the world’s annual hazelnut supply. For Ferrero secrecy is a must. They never held press conferences and won’t permit media to enter their sites. They also only use machines that are projected  in-house in order to avoid industrial espionage

An American blogger, Sara Rosso loves Nutella so much that she founded Nutella World Day in 2007 so that she can share her passion with other fans. So since then every year on 5th February there is a reason more to lick, eat, swallow anything with nutella. Go ahead and empty those jars, we want to see your grimy faces! It’s alwazs going to be the best straight from the spoon.


Everything you want to know about Nutella can be found here.


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