Rome: off the beaten track

Everyone knows how gorgeous the Colosseum is, how nice it is to be sittting on the steps of Piazza di Spagna, that you need to throw a coin to the Trevi fountain. Now I would like to show you a bunch of things that might be familiar only to Rome professionals…or locals!

Ponte Palatino

There is a bridge in Rome that connects lungotevere Trastevere and lungotevere Ripa and which is neither beautiful nor interesting at firts glance, BUT in case you need to drive across it it might give you a heart attack the first time as left-hand traffic rules apply here!

Just drive as the English do!

Anamorphic frescoes in the convent of Trinitá dei Monti

Anamorphosis is a distorted projection or perspective requiring the viewer to use special devices or occupy a specific vantage point (or both) to reconstitute the image. At the convent of Trinitá dei Monti (above the Spanish steps) you can admire fantastic examples of anamorphic art upon appointment. You will see Saint Francis form Paola as a hermit and John the Evangelist. Or wait does it actually depict a landsacape? Or both?

The water-clock of the Pincio 

The Pincio hill  is famous as it is said to have the most beautiful view on Rome, but also hides a unique piece of art, the water clock from the 19th century. The clock was also presented at the Paris World Expo in 1873 and afterwards became one of the most beautiful attractions of the Pincio in Rome. The clock will remind us on a trunk and it is made work by the water in the fountain below.

The orange garden

Savello Park in the middle of the Aventin hill is better known as Giardino degli Aranci (Orange Garden). It was built in 1932, iand has a  scenic view on  Rome. You can admire the beauty of the city surrounded by enchanting oranges.

Panorama from the hole of the door lock

Quite close to the Orfange Garden, an unusual sight is waiting for you. When in front of the palace of the Priory of Knights of Malta you will see people queuing and looking into the hole of the door lock.Just looking inside and you will enjoy a stunning view of the dome the Saint Peter’s Cathedral, framed by the hedges of the gardens of the Priory.


Galleria Spada

The building of the museum of the Spada Gallery is not famous only for the masterpieces that you can admire inside, but also for the forced perspective gallery realized by Borromini. The corridor that is actually only 8 meters long seems to be at least the double and the statue of Mars appearing to be a giant is actually 0,8 meter, somethig like a few-months old baby.


The fake dome of the church of Saint Ignazio

The churh of Saint Ignazio looks totally normal first. You enter, start walking, look at the dome and think, wow, this is fabulous. You get closer and you cannot take your eyes off of that “dome”. There is something weird, something unexplainable about it. And then you understand that it is not a dome, at all. The gerat fresco celebrating the life of Saing Ignatius dissolves the actual surface of the nave’s barrel vault illusionistically, arranging a perspectival projection to make an observer see a huge and lofty cupola.

What are you waiting for? Get ready, walk around and look beyond the obvious!

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