Postcard-perfect Tuscany: Lajatico

We all know that you can sell everything related to Tuscany and that since the success of Under the Tuscan sun every divorced woman struggles to buy the ruins of a house somewhere over here so that during the reconstruction works she can meet a sexy Italian gigolo willing to give a helping hand. If we are looking fo the feeling transmitted by the movie then we are quuite in the right place in Lajatico. This tiny little village, having only 800 inhabitants is just like the Tuscany you can see in postcards and travel guidebooks.

The Piazza

But how did Lajatco get on tourists’ maps? This sweet little village is at about an hour drive from Pisa, (which is a good start) in the valley of the Era river (Valdera) among typical Tuscan hills. Our arrival at Lajatico is pimped by the cypress tree tunnel conducting us to the historic center. tuscany at its best. Obviously, as all Italian towns and villages it is built around a piazza (THE square), its buildings are centuries old, there are oldies sitting in front of the bar staring at the visitors.

But not even the most beautiful houses, the fanciest churches would be enough to have such a glory as Lajatico has, you ned to be lucky. And Lajatico is. It is the home town of the world’s number one tenor at the moment: Andrea Bocelli. ┬áHe had a dream: to build an open-air theatre just outside the village , in the natural amphiteatre of the surrounding hills. He contributed with serious funds to the constructions . The theatre is called teatro del Silenzio (Thatre of Silence) as it hosts one huge concert a year and for the rest of the days it stays silent . During this concert Bocelli himself sings and this obviously turns the life of Lajatico upside down for weeks. Tourists are coming from all parts of the world, they have about 150 thousand visitors passing by during this period.

Teatro del Silenzio

No wonder that Lajatico praises Bocelli everywhere: his portraits are all around the place; and in the city park there is even a statue of him made by the world famous Italian actress: Gina Lollobrigida.

When in Lajatico don’t miss going up to Orciatico, that is an ancient medieval village, that is now a part of Lajatico. Houses built of stones hundreds of years ago, flowers, view at the hills. Magnificent. Pure Tuscany.

Look at those hills!


You can easily organize a tour and go visit some of the nearby oil mills, vineyards or cheese factories so that you have a full immersion to Tuscan cuisine, too. Half an hour drive and you are in Pontedera, where you can spend hours at the Piaggio Museum. Enjoy your stay!

Bocelli at the local bar



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