My place or your place?

A question that might sound so simple for us, is so hard to ask for poor Italian youngsters.
Traditionally Italians tend to move out from the family home quite late as they like enyoying mamma’s full room service with morning coffee in bed and perfectly ironed shirts whenever it is needed. After the great economic crisis that hit the country in the 2010’s , leaving home is even more complicated.
 Even if you have a job and get paid for it (not so obvious in Italy!), it is not simple to buy a flat as banks have closed the taps and obtainig a mortgage might seem impossible.
 Well, it seems that the average Italian lives with the parents until at least his thirties and cannot just feel free to throw a party or let alone bring someone home for the night. Luckily though, in Italy there are as many cars as driving licenses and since all Italians drive, hence all of them have a car, hence… got the solution right! Italians have always been fond of making out in cars and every city has its well-known area where cars are parked in perfect order with steamy windows. This tradition was born back in the 60’s when Italian government shut the brothels and as a contingency solution cars started serving as places for quick appointments.
A study from 2012 revealed that 80% of Italians do not mind at all making love in the car. The under 25 prefer the backseats while the ones between 35 and 45 prefer the front seats, and those between 25 and 35 are so shameless that they love it on the bonnet. Beyond 45 they might have their own places as they seem to avoid car acrobatics.
As for the geographical questions, backseats are preferred by mainly the inhabitants of Cagliari, followed by the Milanese and than people from Turin. In Florence they make out directly open-air. The most exhibitionits are the Romans making love in the city center, like by the Colosseum.
While I was making researches on this matter on the net I have ran into plenty of sites giving legal advises on how to have sex in a car avoiding consequences before a court….it seems that the easiest way is to cover the windows by newspapers. Nice.
These are pure facts, I would never protest against this, I find it rather funny when seeing all these cars next to each other, but I would prefer my child having the possibility to ask: “My place or your place?”

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