Ten things you might not know about Italy

  1. Italy is Europe’s best beach.  Italy has  7400 km of coastline by the Adriatic, Tyrhhenian and Mediterranian seas. Whether you feel like sunbathing on sandy or rocky beaches, you will find one that makes for you.
Caprera in Sardinia is the top of the tops

2.  Italy is Europe’s zoo and botanical garden. With 58 thousand animal species living in the countrz Italy is ranked first as per biodiversity in Europe. Furthermore there are numerous species that you can find only here, like the albino donkeys in Sardinia. Italy has half of the flora and one third of the fauna of the continent.

Albino donkey

3. Italy is the world’s best café.   An average Italian consumes about 3,7 kg of coffee in a year. There are 14 billions (!!!) of espressos made in the bars of the country.  This is not the place where you can cure your coffeine dependency.

Coffee also at 2000 meters

4. Italy is the country exporting most wine in the world. Have you ever tasted chianti, barolo, nebbiolo?

Treiso in the Langhe-Roero region produces some of Italy’s finest wines

5. The world’s shortest river. Aril, caled only  “Ri” by the locals is the world’s shortest river with its 175 meters. It is born in the territory of Malcesine near Verona and flows into Garda Lake.

6. The big Italian family is past now.  Italians make less and less children.  The number of births had its negative record in 2014 when only 509 thousand new Italians were born. This is the lowest number after the country got united in 1860.

7. Italy is one the worlds best hospitals. According to the World Health Organization Italy’s healthcare is the second best after the French system in the whole world.

8.  Italy is country for old men.  Italy is one of the countries with the best life expectancy in the world. If you are Italian , you have good possibilities to live up to 82,2 years.

9. Italy is Europe’s job center. Unemployment rate is at 11,1% in 2017 and showing positive trend, however it is still very high, especially looking at the data regarding the young (under 24) where the rate is 34%.

10. Italy is the country of hot blood and lava. There are three active vulcanoes in Italy: Vesuvius, Etna and Stromboli. Vesuvius is sleeping at the moment, but this does not mean that Neapolitans can relax. An eventual eruption would impact the lives of millions.

Cruising at the coast of Stromboli


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