Italy’s most colorful cities

  1. Riomaggiore (Liguria) : Is there anyone who has never dreamed of strolling among the nicely painted houses of one of the Cinque Terre villages? Riomaggiore is the first if you are arriving from La Spezia. Coulored facades if its buildings are overlooking the blue of the sea.

2. Positano (Campania): Amalfi coast at its best. The best way to arrive to this stunning colourful city is by boat. You can wander around in its tiny streets ampng boutiques, galleries , bars and restarurants. Splendid.

3. Burano (Veneto): The top of Italy’s colorful towns, its houses seem really built somewhere over the rainbow. You can easily get to this wonderful island of the Venetian lagoon by vaporetto from the city and walk around for hours. Try to find the leaning tower!

4. Comacchio (Emilia Romagna). Comacchio is also called as “The litttle Venice” for its lagoons. This might sound exagerating, but this little fishermen’s town is enchanting, obviously not as much as its big sister. However it’s worth a one-day trip if you are on vacations on the Adriatic Riviera.

5. Procida (Campania) : Procida is a small island right off the coast of Naples, close to Ischia. The colours of the houses of its historical once served for the fishermen to recognize easier their homes when out in the waters. Procida has  become an important tourist destination after being chosen as set for films like The postam or The Talented Mr. Ripley.

Procida (flickr)

6. Camogli (Liguria): a tourist resort between Genova and Portofino,its characteristic “borgo” (old town) is filled with six or seven storeys high pastel-painted old buildings. Sip a drink and have a focaccia di Recco!

7. Varenna (Lombardy) : I surely do not need to present Lake Como since this is one of Italy’s most chic regions. No wonder even George Clooney has fallen in love with it and bought a house by the lake. Varenna is a tiny town on one of the lake1s promontories and its colourful houses are so picturesque that they attract more tourists that its bigger neighbours.   It’s a one hour train ride from Milan’s Central Station.

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