P for piazza

Squares, or Piazzas in Italian play an extremely important rules in the Italian lives. This is where we gather, have coffees, ice creams, this is where the young flirt and where the old gossip. The scenery of first kisses and goodbyes. This is where the market is set up in the weekens or where concerts are held. You cannot miss piazzas and here you will find a list of the best ones!

Piazza di Santa Maria in Trastevere (Rome) : Rome is full of fantastic squares, everyone knows Piazza Di Spagna, Piazza di San Pietro or Piazza Navona. They are all wonderful, great, superb, but my Roman favourite is not one of the “Big Ones”.  The Piazza di Santa Maria in the Trastevere district cannot be more Roman. Perfect place for gathering especially before or after going to one of the nice tratttorias of the neighbourhood.

Piazza Maggiore (Bologna)

This beautiful piazza was born back in the 1200s and it has kept it leading role in the city’s life. This is where one of Bologna’s symbols, the statue of Neptun stands as well as the Cathedral dedicated to the patron of Bologna, San Petronio.

Piazza San Marco (Venice) : Venice is a miracle itself, I am still wondering how this magnificent city was built centuries ago. Piazza San Marco is the only public space in venice actually having the name Piazza, all the otehrs squares are called campo. This square started buing constructed in the 9th century together with the foundation of the Saint Mark’s Cathedral .Napoleon  called the Piazza San Marco “the drawing room of Europe”. The square is picture perfect with the Bizantine style church, the campanile, the terraces of venice’s finest cafes and the…pigeons!

Piazza Unitá d’Italia (Trieste):  Piazza Unitá d’Italiain trieste is the biggest square in Europe facing the sea. When it was born, Trieste was still part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire and then passed to Italy for good in 1955. This is when it got its name meaning Unity of Italy.  .

Piazzetta (Capri) : you cannot miss Capri whether you are talking about a long weekend in Naples, white Italian cities or the best piazzas across Italy. Capri’s Piazzetta (officially Piazza Umberto 1) is one of the island’s most photographed locations since it has stunning view on the gulf of Naples. You can stop here and have a coffee at the bar (beware here the 1 coffee-1 euro rule won’t apply!)


Piazza Plebiscito (Naples) : One of Italy’s biggest squares that often hosts convcerts and other venues. It is embraced by as important buildings as the Cathedral of San Francesco di Paola, The Royal Palace, Palazzo Salerno or the Prefecture building.

Piazzale Michelangelo (Florence): this might not be as fabuolus as the other piazza’s in this article, but you cannot miss it when in Florence as this is the spot from where you can take the most gorgeous pictures of the city center) most of the postcards of Florence are actually photographed from this square).

Piazza Duomo (Lecce): I love Puglia, therefore I could not afford not putting at least one if its piazza’s on my list, so here you go, I have chose Lecce, the capital of Italian barroque. The Piazza del Duomo of the city is actually one of Italy’s so called closed squares that once user to be shut for the night!

Piazza del Campo (Siena):world famous Tuscan square for its architectural integrity. A shell-shaped square that twice a year hosts the cities most important event: the Palio, a bareback horseride.

Piazza San Carlo (Turin):one of the fanciest squares of Turin just on the middle of the great shopping street, Via Roma . Ideal place to have a break and a negroni during heavy shopping loooking at the square’s twin churches.

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