Italy, the streetfood heaven

Streetfood is unbelievably trendy nowadays and lucliky it does not only mean pizza slices and boring sandwiches. It has a variety in Italy that we can only envy.  Meals vary obviously according to the region you happen to be in. Below we have gathered the most important excelencies of Italian “cucina povera” ( poor men’s cuisine) that mostly coincides with fashionable street foods.

10) Pane e panelle 

When in Sicily, you will certainly run into these fried chickpea bites, alone or in a sesame seed-covered bun. Oh my God, it is so not healthy, but sooooo goooood.

9) Bombetta 

Vegetarians, close your eyes!. Bombetta (literally meaning bowler hat) is pork or beef rolled in bacon and stuffed with greasy caciocavallo cheese. You can have it all around Puglia, it is extremely popular in Martina Franca, Cisternino, Locorotondo and Alberobello.

8) Panissa

It’s made of thesame ingredients as farinata, misses only olive oil. The dough made of chickpea flour is cut in cubes and served warm with oil, onion and lemon.

7) Lampredotto

It’s Tuscany’s turn with Florence’s typical sandwich, the lampredotto, which is practically cow stomach cooked in tomato-based  broth with onions, celery and parsley.

6) Sgagliozze

Italians are so proud of their healthy Mediterranian cuicine with veggies, olive oil and fresh fruits, but the Souther you go, the heavier the courses will be. Sgagliozze is Bari’s unmissable fast food: fried polenta (boiled cornmeal) served hot and salted.

5) Pani câ meusa

This dish is exclusively typical of Palermo and you cannot miss it when you are around one of the cities markets, like Ballarò. It is a soft sandwich bun stuffed with chopped, boiled and then fried veal’s lung and spleen.  In case it is not tasty enough you can add some cheese or ricotta. Yummy.

4) Frittatina di pasta 

This Neapolitan recipe is perfect to recycle the leftovers of pasta from the day before. Take the pasta, mix it with some ham, peas, whatever you like and add a decent quantity of bèchamel sauce and gues what? Fry it. It can be eaten also as antipasto before our pizza.

3) Arancini di riso

Here we are again in Sicily. This wonderful island won’t stop pampering your stomach. This is where one of the world’s most famous street foos – the arancino– was born. These deep fried rice balls can be stuffed with minced meat, cheese,ham or peas. Incredibly deliciuos and can be eaten in all parts of Italy by now.

2) Arrosticini 

Most important piece of the cuisine of the Abbrruzzo region. These skewers are made of  chunks of high quality lamb.

1) Focaccia di Recco

You should praise Liguria for the focaccia di Recco which is made of two very thin slice of  dough made only of flour and olive oil, without yeast with fresh stracchino cheese. The cheese melts so fine among the slices that you cannot stop eating this.

Focaccia di Recco

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