You live only once: Italy’s most expensive beaches

Summer heat is right around the corner and you might already be planning your holidays. Have a quick look at your bank account and then at this list where we gather the most expensive lidos of Italy. Maximum comfort in the sand.

Good news is that at these pricey beaches you will get a service that pays off, this is the 21st century, folks, we cannot be satisifes only with two rickety sunbeds and an umbrella, you cannot sunbath without continuous wireless connection, plug to charge your phone, handsome Italian waiters taking you a glass of prosecco. And sunbeds are actually becoming beds, often with canopy, customized beach towels and safe to keep your belongings in.  Some of these lidos might charge you 355 euro for a day.

Let’s see where is that you would spend most.


Venice may be popular with all kinds of travellers but those on a luxury budget can enjoy its beaches with 1 sunbed, 2 deskchairs, a small table, 4 chairs, 3 beach towels and we are suddenly at a cost of 355 euro per day.

Forte dei Marmi  – One of the most famous holiday resorts of the Tuscan coast where you could spend 290 euro per day for a four-person tent with safe, table, bench sunbeds and deckchairs and  four towels.

Porto Cervo – Sardinia is one of the undisputed favourite of the rich, and this fabulous island in the middle of the Mediterranean has some of Italy’s fines beaches. In Porto Certvo you will get an umbrella, two poolside sunbeds. parking place for 250 euro a day.

Lerici – Liguria in the house. just a couple of minutes drive from the world famous Cinque Terre, Lerici is a wondrful base for summer holiday. You can have day trips to Vinque Terre and Porto Venere and take a look around at the Ligurian coast while eating some fine farinata or pasta with pesto.  Umbrella with with a sunbead and two chairs, 1 towel? 230 euro.

Argentario – Halfway between Rome and Pisa, Monte Argentario is an elegant destination with walks through cypresses and olives. You can get a 4 person tent with towels, a chair, bench for the price of 120 euro.

Costa Smeralda – we are back in Sardinia, in the coast of the Costa Smeralda where the islands most beautiful beaches concentrate. Fine sand, improbably turqoise water and 120 euro a day to enjoy the shadow of an umbrella,2 beds and 2 bottles of fresh water.

Salento – The Salento area, otherwise known as the heel of the Italian boot is Italy’s rising star. A couple of years ago only locals spent their holidays here, but in the last few years it has become onee of the hottest destinations of Europe. White sand, transparent water, incredible cuisine, beautiful rural areas make Salento worth all your money.  A canpoy bed will cost you 100 euro+ 35 euro entrance fee at the most famous beaches of Pesculose (the Italian Maldives), but at least your car is going to be washed before leaving.


It was a  posh  destination already in the times of the Romans. Capri has everything you can wish: beaches, nature, food, beautiful white architecture (Remember?).   You can have a bath at one of its beaches from 28 euro a day which is really generous from the locals considering the views of the bay of Naples and the Amalfi Coast.

But keep calm, you do not need to be a millionaire to have amazing holidays in the Italian peninsula, the sea is going to be the same blue, the sand is going to be the same hot even if you do not throw all your money to the cashier. Average price of an ukbrella with two beds is 15 euro a day and you might not get customized towels and fancy drinks , but will enjoy it the same!

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