How to celebrate international women’s day in Italy: mimosa everywhere

Women’s day has never been important to me until I have moved to Italy, well yes, I used to receive a bunch of flowers ora box of chocolates from my father, my boyfriends or colleagues, but who really cared about this? In Italy, of course, this is something totally diferent and it is just another reason to celebrate go out and have a little bit of dolce vita. Women have the typical girls’ night out going out for dinner, clubs, whatsoever, and men stay at home and look after the kids. Isnt’ this fabulous?

Women’s da y is part of the Italian popular culture in 1922, but it became really important only in 1945 when the Italian women’s union (l’unione Donne in Italia) started celebrating it in the regions already libaretad from the fascist regime.  It is celebrated in whole Italy since 1946, and  its symbol is now a flower, the mimosa. Italian women receive this showy yellow flower from friends, husbands, lovers. On 8th March the whle country becomes yellow, piazzas are full of stands selling bunch of mimosas, you orde mimosa cocktail in the bar, and  confectionaries bake the famous mimosa cake.

The reason why this particular flower was chosen to be the symbol of the celebrations of the 8th March is quite obvious, mimosa blossoms in the beginning of spring, and Italy is full of these characteristic flowers in these days. And as I have already mentioned, you cannot only find mimosas in bowls of florists’ shops, but also at confectionaries or at restaurants as part of the menu especially prepared for this occasion. The dinner of 8th March is traditionally closed by a slice of mimosa cake. The preparation of this sweet is not so complicated – a layered sponge cake filled with Chantilly cream mixed with confectioner’s custard-  it is made particular by being covered by little dices of sponge cake that make it similar to the flower itself.

Italian women are also cuddled with practical treats this year: statal museums won’t charge women’s entrance, so if you are a girl and happen to be in Rome today, don’t miss the Forum Romanum or the Palatine, or the royal castles of Turin, Naples or Genova. In florence you can access Palazzo Veccio or the church of Santa Maria Novella free. In Turin, Rome, Cremona and in other cities woman can take part in medican screenings and tests.

Viva le donne!

You can find the list of museums accessible free for women on 8th March here.

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