The cocktail of the unified Italy, let’s have a Negroni!

An unmissable ingredient of Italian dolce vita is having an aperitivo at warm evenings in terraces. Drinking with class, without exagerating.  The most widespread drink to have is of course Aperol Spritz, however Negroni is also quite common.

When I was reading about the history of Negroni, my first thought was that it is the perfect metaphora of the Italian unification, since Turin, Milan and Florence all contributed to the birth of this drink. Negroni has  a vintage aftertaste, it was most popular at the counters of the 50’s and 60’s and it characterizes more the Roman nights of Marcello and Anita than the girls’s nights out in the years 2000. This cocktail was also offered to Jackie Kennedy by the most important Italian industrials ever, Gianni Agnelli while they were off sailing at the Amalfi coast. The However, retro is in, so Negroni might be the New  Aperol Spritz soon.

The recipe of a good Negroni is not very complicated, you just need to mix the same amount of vermouth, campari and gin.  Negorni, itself is a more sophisticated version of the once popular Milano-Torino cocktail, that was nothing else , but a mix of Campari (made in Milan) and Cinzano (made in Turin)  Its name later has changed to Americano since during  WWII it was one of the favourite drinks of US soldiers stationing in Italy.

Despite its Northern roots, the Negroni was born in Florence in the end, when Camillo Negroni, an Italian earl dropped by in Caffe Casoni (the current Caffe Gioacosa, owned by Roberto Cavalli) and asked the barman to prepare a most powerful version of the Americano, by adding a bit of gin (this reminded him on his trips to London). This mix has become so popular that the Negroni family has opened its own destillary in Treviso where they started to produce it ready-to-drink.

The classical negroni is very simple to mix: 1/3 vermuth, 1/3 Campari Bitter 1/3 Gin, eventually a bit of orange peel. It is served on the rocks. According to the original recipe we should use Carpano vermouth and  Beefeater London Dry gin.

Variations for this cocktail:

Negroni Sbagliato: it’s made with prosecco that replaces gin

Negroski: here the gin is replaced by vodka



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