Take a deep breath – Christ of the Abyss

Everyone know the Colossuem in Rome, the Rialto bridge in venice, the Uffizzi gallery in Florence or the Duomo in Milan, but Italy is full of hidden – in our case literally- treasures , that are as fantastic that the once I have just mentioned, they just miss a bit of marketing. Well, here we go.

In the bay of San Fruttuoso in Liguria, Northern Italy there is a submerged bronze statue of Jesus Christ¬† at approximately 17 metres depth. The statue, called the “Cristo degli abissi” (Christ of the Abyss) is is located between the waters of two enchanting towns: Portofino and Camogli. Well, portofino is a posh tourist destination, so the statue itself is not really off the beaten track, it is just…no on the track!

The baz of San Fruttuoso

The original bronze statue was placed in the Mediterranean Sea on 22 August 1954 by the Italian Navy, as an idea of tha Italian diver Duilio Marcante after that his friend, and fellow diver, Dario Gonzatti died ¬†near the spot where the statue is located. The statue is 2,5 metres tall and it is made of bronze merged of athlete’s medals, bells and parts of ships.

The sculptor depicted Christ staring at the skies – God – and having the arms raised skyward as a sign of peace.

It had a “lifting” in 2003 when one of the hands, that was detached by an anchor has been reassemblied with the body.

There are organized immersions for the “brave” and these are the most “in” excursions of the Ligurian coast. Thez are considered to be quite easy as the statue arrives at only 15 metres depth , you don’t need particular preparation, just the assistance of the local scuba divers.

If you prefer staying on the safe side, you can visit the facsimile of the statue in the little chapel of the bay.

More information about the excurisions:http://portofinodivers.com/it/immersioni/portofino/cristo-degli-abissi.html

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