Movies that will make you pack your things and get off to Italy

Italy is perfect set for movies. It has everything: stunning beaches, fabulous cities, wonderful palaces and piazzas. There are uncountable movies shot in the Italy and some of them just  make you get yourself together and leave. Here I am going to set a list of  my personal favourites – not necessarily for being a good movie, but for being a movie that gives you that little something that makes you think that life is so much beautiful in Italy.

  1. Sapore di mare  (destination : Rimini) : I remember that I was gooing to high school when I first saw this film in TV and it convinced me that life has never been better than in Rimini in the sixties: youth, friendship, beach, love, terrible Italian music.
  2.  Mine vaganti/Loose cannons  (destination: Puglia) : A movie about a fanily in the Italian South that – obviously – has a pasta factory, and needs to face the coming out of one of the sons tríing to declare his homosexuality to the family. a grandma that is present everywhere, splendid beaches of Gallipoli and Otranto.
  3. The talented Mr. Ripley (destination: Venice, Rome, Procida, Monte Argentario): everyone has seen this, it is compulsory for Italy lovers. The main character- this wealthy American boy- cannot but spend his father’s money at glamorous Italian locations like Rome, naples, Venice. A little island, Procida gets an imporant role in the film, and provides the location for “Mongibello” that had a significant impact on its tourism.
  4. Maléna (destination: Siracusa, Sicily) : the director, Giuseppe Tornatore has certainly made better films than Maléna, but this one is such a beautiful serenade either to Monica Bellucci or to Sicily that it cannot miss from this list. Bellucci is strolling in the streets, in the square, on the beach of Siracusa for like the 80% of the movie, and that’s it.
  5.  Inferno (destination: Firenze): I didn’t want to chose “Under the Tuscan sun” to represent Tuscany in this list), I rather chose a less romantic piece , the film adaptation of Dan Brown’s book shows a ldarker, more miksterious face of Florence.
  6. Il postino/The postman (destination: the islands of Lampedusa, Salina and Procida): this movie has not only picture-perfect landscapes, but also a fascinating story about the improbable friendship of the great Chilean poet Pablo Neruda and the simple postman, Mario. It was shot in three Italian islands: Lampedusa and Salina in Sicily and Procida in Campania that we already learned to know from the Talented Mr. Ripley. Massimo Troisi, starring as Mario, one of the best Italian actors ever died 12 hours after the end of the shoot.
  7. Letters to Juliet (destination: Verona): a perfect picture of how you imagine romantic Italy. Finally it is not only Tuscany having a central role in an American rom-com. This time it’s Verona’s turn. The city of Shakespeare’s Rome and Juliet hosts this neglected Amerivan girl, letters from and to Juliet, attractive stranger, the Arena and a new-born love.
  8. La Grande Bellezza ( destination : Róma): ta-ra-ra-ra-ra. It’s almost like Grande bellezza was shot for commercial purposes it is such a great ad for Rome. Every single frame of the movie is  a love letter to the capital that is depicted so bohemian like noone else after Fellini. Like lifew here was nothing else , but cocktail parties, champagne and campari.
  9. Profondo Rosso/ Deep red (destination Turin):I canot skip my city, let alone one of my favourite movies, Profondo Rosso. Masterpiece of “giallo” with mediums, disfunctional family, dolls , black leather gloves all over Turin.

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