50 reasons you would be better living in Italy

1. wherever you live, just a 2 hour car ride and you are staring at the sun on a beach

2. wherever you live, just a 2 hour car ride and you have fabulous mountains surrounding you

3.  wherever you live, you certainly have a breathtaking Roman\Renaissance\Barroque landmark around the corner

4. people don’t just speak, they sing

5. men won’t hide if they like you…noone can flirt as an Italian does

6. your capital is Rome (how cool is that?)

@flickr. PaoloBaviera

7. if you think you know what good ice cream means, come and try a peanut or taste Italian one

8. streets full of fountains so that you can refresh yourself during hot summer days in the city

9.  boys are beautiful

10. girls are less beautiful

11. mozzarella di bufala ( mozzarella made from the milk of the Italian water buffalo, a bit of olive oill, tomatoes and here you go: a genuine Italian plate)

Mozzarella di Bufala

12. THE COFFE (served in a small, warm cup, drink it in one sip!)

a good cup of caffè macchiato @italianmamma

13. breakfast in the bar: Italian breakfast is always sweet, we have a cup of coffe or cappuccino and a cornetto or some other pastry. No eggs, no bacon, no sandwiches!


14. watching the national soccer team play

15. watching the national soccer team WIN

16. SALES : there are two official sales period in Italy, one  in the summer and another onein the winter. shops are giving away all the stuff from the past season without mercy, in the end of the sales period you can buy leftovers with 80% discount

17. have you aver tried  cannolo?

cannolo, a ricotta-field Sicilian pastry
@flickr, Garrett Ziegler

18. your neighbour might step in anytime with some home-made goodies\fresh tomatoes\whatever that you need to taste RIGHT AWAY

19. after a night out, you can have a delicious porchetta sandwich at a kiosk so that the awake the next day is less traumatizing.

20. aperitivo: having a quick drink – my favourite is aperol spritz- and have unlimited finger food with it

21. you can buy bottles of good Barbera or Nebbiolo wine at any grocery store.

22. noone thinks you are an alien if you take an afternoon nap, most of the offices and shops are also closed from 1 pm to 4 pm

23. the art of making and eating pasta


24. Forma 1 is another excuse for having tha nation unified. Forza Ferrari!

25. Italian is the most beautiful language of the world. Stop.

26. pizza, according to ancient traditions,  with genuine ingredients and no pineapple or ketchup, let alone mayo!

27. oldies gathering in the piazza to discuss the latest news

28. service with a smile

29. carnivals all over the country in february:  the top is the one in venice, of course

Carnival in Venice

30.best beaches in Europe: Puglia, Sardinia, Sicily, Calabria, Tuscany……..the list could be endless

31. evening stroll, especially in the summer, whe the whole town is in the streets at least until midnight

32. seafood is  a gift from the gods

33. you can eat yourself to death with panettone at Xmas. If you don’t like it,well, you can have a slice of pandoro!

Xmas Pandoro

34. scobble stones

35. the mercato: the market, which is not only  a place to buy your veggies, fruits, seafood whatosever, but a perfect opportunity to mingle with the locals

36. Radio 105

37. the whole country is perfect scenery for romantic getaways, first dates, second dates,last dates.

38. you won’t step in dog’s poo

39. as soon as the firts ray of sun appear in the skies, people start having BBQ parties

40. there’s always someone coming over to visit you

41. your family is huge and united

42.  daddies love taking care of their children and are proud to go around with the stroller

43. sometimes time is just stopping here


45. Italians are perfect in design, whatever is born in the head of an Italian is good to look at, let it be a car, a bottle, a cofee maker.etc.

46. Notte Bianca : “white night”, organized in most of the towns, is an occasion when all shops, bars, museums, restaurants are open until they drop, streets are full of concerts and performances. You can’t get no sleep.

47. It’s just normal going dancing even if you are over 50…or 60.

48. it’s a mess, but at least you know what to expect

49. concert on 1 May in Rome

50. it’s just heartwarming wth all the hands talking, people shouting all the time, boys fixing their hairs in the shop windows, soooo Italian


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